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2017 Holliday Middle School Wins UIL District 8-AAA Academic Zone Championship

December 07, 2017

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Individual Event Dist. Champions

The 2017 Holliday Middle School UIL Academic team took 1st place at the District 8-AAA zone contest. The middle school had a very impressive showing at the contest. Congratulations to all HMS UIL students.


Owen Brown,Chase Williams,Bryce Palmer, Madison Robinson, Landon Matthews, Peyton Marchand, Carissa Griffin, Julia Garrison, Sydney Linn, Avery Cates, Emily Stone, Haven Cating, Evelyn Perkins, Gwen Coughlin, Kyleigh Tucker, Kathryn Donoho,


ART (6TH) Carter Koski 2nd, Caitlyn Hopper 4th

ART (7TH) Carissa Griffin 1st, Addison Lindemann 5th, Salem Henry 6th

ART (8TH) Evelyn Perkins 1st, Sara Jones 4th , Randa Elliott 6th

CALCULATOR (6TH) Clay Miller 5th ,  Jaxon Goodman 6th

CALCULATOR (7TH) Grayson Castagna 2nd , Campbell Jurecek 4th , Makayla Smith 5th

CALCULATOR (8TH) Delani Downs 4th ,  Jalee Fenoglio 6th

CHESS PUZZLE (6TH) Tate Jackson 3rd, Lance Brown 6th

CHESS PUZZLE (7TH) Landon Matthews 1st , Trace Bullinger 2nd


DICTIONARY SKILLS (7TH) Peyton Marchand 1st, Allie Davis 4th

DICTIONARY SKILLS (8TH) Kyleigh Tucker 3rd, Andrew Draper 4th


EDITORIAL WRITING (8TH) Morgan Davis 2nd , Kyleigh Tucker 5th


IMPROMPTU SPEAKING (8TH) Randa Elliott 5th  Nikki Stancik 6th

LISTENING SKILLS (6TH) Owen Brown 1st , Aubree Parker 4th

LISTENING SKILLS (7TH)  Salem Henry 2nd , Carissa Griffin 4th

LISTENING SKILLS (8TH)  Andrew Draper 3rd

MAPS, GRAPHS & CHARTS (6TH)  Braden Childs 6th

MAPS, GRAPHS & CHARTS (7TH) Peyton Marchand 1st

MATHEMATICS (6TH) Collin Hays 3rd , Parker Fandler 6th

MATHEMATICS (7TH) Zachary Carroll 3rd , Tate Mahan 4th

MATHEMATICS (8TH) Tyler Ruddell 5th , Kathryn Donoho 6th

MODERN ORATORY (7TH) Carlyn Lackey 2nd , Aubrey O'Bannon 3rd , Jacee Lyons 5th

MODERN ORATORY (8TH) Gwen Coughlin 1st , Jackson Crutcher 6th

MUSIC MEMORY (6TH) Chase Williams 1st , Kaison Yow 3rd , Nathanael Varela 4th , Marilyn Williams 6th

MUSIC MEMORY (7TH) Julia Garrison 1st , Haven Cating 2nd , Andrew Ondechek 4th , Campbell Jurecek 5th

MUSIC MEMORY (8TH)  Nikki Stancik 2nd ,  Jenna Toulan 3rd , Dylan Sullivan 6th

NUMBER SENSE (6TH)  Bryce Palmer 1st , Carter Koski 2nd

NUMBER SENSE (7TH)  Zachary Carroll 3rd

NUMBER SENSE (8TH)  Cason Foster 5th

ORAL READING (6TH) Reanna Scholl 4th , Emily Belew 5th

ORAL READING (7TH)  Sydney Linn 1st , Julia Garrison 2nd , Bailey Lewis 3rd

ORAL READING (8TH) Kyleigh Tucker 1st , Jalee Fenoglio 2nd , Jenna Toulan 3rd

READY WRITING (6TH)  Mikayla Radtke 3rd , Chloe Oldham 5th , Hayghen Moore 6th

READY WRITING (7TH)  Julia Garrison 1st , Bailey Lewis 4th

READY WRITING (8TH) Gwen Coughlin 1st,  Nikki Stancik 3rd

SCIENCE (7TH) Avery Cates 1st , Tate Mahan 4th

SCIENCE (8TH)  Kathryn Donoho 1st , Korbin Case 5th

SOCIAL STUDIES (6TH) Madeline Marks 2nd,  Parker Fandler 4th

SOCIAL STUDIES (7TH) Emily Stone 1st, Katy Piper 3rd , Jaxx Johnson 5th

SOCIAL STUDIES (8TH)  Kathryn Donoho 1st

SPELLING (6TH) Madison Robinson 1st , Owen Brown 2nd , Logan Dorner 3rd

SPELLING (7TH)  Haven Cating 1st , Trace Bullinger 2nd , 3 Avery Cates 3rd

SPELLING (8TH) Brooklyn Timms 2nd , Sarah Cowan 3rd , Kyleigh Tucker 4th



HOLLIDAY 926.5, Henrietta 745.5, City View 692, Nocona 223

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