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Holliday ISD Back to School Update - July 30

Posted Date: 07/31/2020

Holliday ISD Back to School Update - July 30

July 30, 2020  
Hello Holliday ISD Families,  
We have been very busy this week trying to keep up with all the changes coming down from TEA and UIL.  We feel we have a good plan in place for the return to school and we look forward to seeing all of our students on August 17th.  You will find several items in this update as there are some changes to our Back to School Plan.  You will also find more information on what remote learning will look like at each campus and the form we are needing you to fill out if you are choosing remote learning for your child.  

We have had lots of discussion this week about the wearing of face coverings.  We do not take this decision lightly as we know there are mixed feelings about face coverings across the nation.  Here at Holliday ISD, every decision we make is based upon what we feel is best for the safety and security of our staff and students.  With that in mind, we have changed our back to school plan to require the use of face coverings for all students, regardless of age.  We understand that this goes beyond what the governor has required, but we feel it is in the best interest of students and staff safety.  When we were looking at social distancing in the classroom for our younger students, we came to the conclusion that this would be almost impossible to maintain.  Students will still be able to choose to wear the school issued HERO-theme gaiter mask, or a mask they bring from home.  A mask is strongly recommended, but a face shield is an acceptable alternative for kindergarten students and younger.  Students will be asked to keep the masks on any time they are moving around the campus or when they are in close proximity to other students or staff.  If they are seated at their desk and distanced from those around them, they may take their mask down for that period of time.  If your student cannot wear a mask, just provide us with a note from your doctor and we will grant that exemption from the mask requirement.  Teachers will have both face shields and masks.  They can take their mask down when delivering instruction but will pull it back up when they are working with a small group or with individual students.  We wanted to make sure everyone had this information prior to making a decision about remote learning.  The following links will take you to information on face coverings from the CDC website. 

We have also included a remote learning plan from each campus with this document.   You can read through the document and hopefully have a better understanding of what will be expected from your student if they choose the remote learning option.  You will be required to meet with the principal of the campus once you have made the decision for remote learning to make sure everyone is clear on the expectations.  If you have questions about the remote learning plan, contact the principal of that campus. 


Holliday Elementary Remote Learning Plan

Holliday Middle School Remote Learning Plan

Holliday High School Remote Learning Plan

The last attachment is the google form we are asking parents who are choosing remote learning for their children to fill out.  If you are choosing to send your children to school for face-to-face instruction, you do not have to fill out the form.


Form to Choose the HISD Remote Learning Option

We will be working through our extracurricular plan next week with hopes of getting that information to you by August 12th.  Once again, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work through these difficult decisions.    


Cody Carroll 


Holliday ISD