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Human Resources

Pay days are on the 25th of each month unless the 25th falls on a weekend or a holiday, then pay day is the last working day before the weekend or holiday. 


Payroll Forms for changes or extra duties are due in to the Payroll office by 8:00am on the 11th of each month. 


Pay periods are from the 11th through the 10th of every month for extra duties and for Substitutes. 


2023-2024 Pay Schedule

  • Transportation Trip Sheet - This form is to be used when an employee drives trips for extra-curricular activities.  

    Extra Duty Time Sheet – This form is to be used for Tutoring, Summer School and any other extra duties that arise.  Each line should be filled out for a single day only. 

    These forms are to be signed by the Transportation Director.

    These forms cut off on the 10th  are due to payroll by the 11th of the month to be paid on the 25th.


  • Holliday ISD employees (excluding substitutes) pay into Teacher Retirement System of Texas and do not pay Social Security.

    8.25% - Member Retirement Contribution

    .65% - Member Contribution to TRS-Care paid by Holliday ISD

    Phone # 800-223-8778

    TRS Website

    TRS Benefit Handbook

    TRS requires members to submit address changes directly to them using the form below:

    TRS Form 358 Change of Address

    If you have the need to change your beneficiary, please use the form below and send directly to TRS.

    TRS Form 15 Designation of Beneficiary

    The mailing address for TRS is:

    Teacher Retirement System of Texas

    1000 Red River Street

    Austin, TX 78701-2698

  • HISD substitutes find jobs through Frontline/Aesop.

    Qualifications and age requirements are in the handbook which you can access through the below link:

    Substitute Handbook

    Substitute Teacher Procedures

    Sub Pay Rates:

    Certified/Degree in Education     $105.00 day

    Non-degreed/non-Educ Degree   $95.00 day

    Long-Term (11th consecutive day and each consecutive day for the same employee)  $115.00 day


    Skyward Employee Access

    Subs use Skyward Employee Access to clock in and out and submit their timesheets.

    All employees can use Skyward Employee Access to access their pay information, print past check stubs and print W-2’s.

    Time Sheet Submission Instructions


  • Non-Exempt employees and subs use Skyward Employee Access to clock in and out and submit their timesheets.

    All employees can use Skyward Employee Access to access their pay information, print past check stubs and print W-2’s.

    Time Sheet Procedures

    Time Sheet Submission Instructions

    Entering Time-Off Request Instructions

  • Our health insurance is through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas .

    2023-2024 TRS ActiveCare Rates

    2023-2024 TRS ActiveCare Highlights


    TRS ActiveCare Change/Drop Form


    Phone # 866-355-5999

    Provider Finder


    Prescription Coverage

    Starting September 1, 2023, our prescription coverage is with Express Scripts.

    Phone # 844-367-6108

  • Third Party Administrator

    To enroll in or find information regarding benefits offered by Holliday ISD, please click the link below:

    Financial Benefit Services

    Phone # 800-583-6908


    Insurance and Benefits

    Our insurance plans run from September 1 – August 31, except Dental which is January 1 – December 31.  Benefit enrollments are done through our Third Party Administrator and take place generally in early August for the new school year.  


    For new year changes to our benefits, please click the link below:

    2023-2024 What’s New

    2023-2024 Enrollment Flyer

    For all the benefits offered by our district through FBS, please click the link below:

    2023-2024 Benefits Guide

  • All 403b and 457 plans are administered by National Benefit Services.  Forms must be submitted to NBS and approved by them before HISD can begin or adjust deductions.

    Phone # 800-274-0503

    403b Salary Reduction Authorization

    457 Salary Reduction Authorization 

  • You have the option of receiving your W-2 electronically.  If you choose this option, you will be able to open a PDF of your W-2 for you to print and save at your convenience (after they have been processed) through Employee Access.  If you choose this option, you will be able to access your W-2 earlier than if you choose to have your W-2 printed because we send the file off to have our W-2’s printed.  If you do not consent to receive your W-2 electronically, you will receive a paper copy.

    The deadline to consent to receive an electronic W-2 is December 31, 2023.

    You may choose to withdraw your consent for electronic delivery by December 31, 2023 through Employee Access by clicking on Payroll, W-2 Information, and then clicking on the box on the right hand of the screen titled “Options for receiving my 2023 W-2 electronically.”

    Paper W-2’s will be sent to employees by January 31, 2024, and electronic W-2’s will be available to be viewed and printed mid January, 2024.

    You will receive an e-mail when your W-2 becomes available and it can be printed from Employee Access.  This is the exact same form as receiving a printed form.

    Please log on to your Employee Access and choose whether you would like to receive your W-2 early by receiving it electronically and printing it yourself, or if you would like to receive a paper copy by the 31st.  Please note that you get the exact same thing printing it yourself as you would receiving a paper copy from us.  Also note, you can print previous year W-2's from Skyward Employee Access if you need to.

    Just go to our home page and under Faculty and Staff click the link to Skyward Employee Access.  

    Once you log in, if it does not ask you automatically, you can go under Employee Information and then W-2 Information and there is a box on the right side for options on receiving your 2023 W-2.

    Printing your Electronic W-2 

    Step 1 - Log on to Employee Access
    Step 2 - Click on Employee Information
    Step 3 - Click on Payroll
    Step 4 - Click on W2 Information
    Step 5 - Click on the line of the W-2 year you wan to print is located.
         DO NOT CLICK ON THE YEAR  - This will only bring up the W-2 information statement. Click somewhere else on that line.
    Step 6 - Click View W-2 on the right hand of the screen
         A box will pop up on the screen with the question "Do you want to open or save 2023w2.pdf from ......."
    Step 7 - Click Open

    This will bring up your W-2 and you can either print or save it from there.

  • Printing Check Stubs

    Log in to your Employee Access

    Click Employee Information

    Under the Payroll tab, click Check History

    Click on the line of the check you are wanting to print

    Click Show Check (on the right upper side of the screen)

    Click Print