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HERO Collegiate Academy - PTECH

Holliday High School is expanding college opportunities for students, thanks to an exciting partnership with Vernon College. Students who attend HERO Collegiate Academy with Vernon College will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and up to 60 college credit hours or an associate degree while in high school. HERO Collegiate Academy also engages students in certification programs where students may earn a level 1 certification during high school that will easily transfer into a level 2/3 upon graduation. Either of these options assure that our students are college or career ready as soon as they graduate from high school and take the next step to adulthood. 

Best of all, this opportunity comes at a very low cost to the family.

Attending a collegiate academy allows students to:

  • Earn an associate degree with very low cost tuition while in high school
  • Earn as many as 60 low cost college hours by earning college credits while in high school
  • Earn a four-year degree in less time than their peers - see our Four-Year Crosswalk.
  • Enter the job market with a work-ready skill upon completion of high school by attaining Industry Certifications – see Four-Year Crosswalk. 
  • Become familiar with the effort required to successfully complete collegiate level coursework while a high school student