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High School Band Media

Dear students,

We will be putting resources for you all on this page to help with our inability to play in large groups. There will be playalong videos, instructional videos, and exercise videos in order for everyone to stay active. We will send out more messages as we go, and we encourage any parents/students to email the band staff with absolutely any questions. We will do our best to have zoom meetings with students who still want to play in smaller groups, and for any students who want to get feedback on anything they are still playing at home. This will be a learning curve for everyone involved and the goal is to keep a little bit of music in all of our lives. We hope everyone is doing well, and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Musically yours,

Band Staff

Smart Music

This website will open a massive library of music for you to play along with

Go to :

You will have to input your school email and the Smart Music Class Code Down Below

Smart Music Code: M4AXD-3XQFE

Once you sign up, and verify your email it will open the homepage.

From here you will see a a few pictures and squares with different music descriptions. These will take you to a massive music library that you can play along with. Feel free to find anything in these lists to play, and there is a search bar if you already have something mind. (There will be a dot to show the difficulty to the right of title: Green-Easy, Orange-Medium, Red-Advanced)

Find the music. Read the music. Play along and record yourself. It will tell you how well you did, and give you specific feedback. Do this at your own pace, and video yourself once you have it down. Have fun, and I hope this resource helps! 


Branson Spencer

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