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Tina Denton

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Information sheets for each class are hyperlinked to the class name. 
The document includes an introductory supply list, a work habit explanation, grading policy, cell phone policy, & remote learning expectation.

1st period – 8:00-8:48Animation II
2nd period – 
8:52-9:38 – CONFERENCE
3rd period – 
9:42-10:28Principles of Information Technology
4th period –
10:42-11:27Business Information Management II
5th period –
11:31-12:16Digital Media
6th period –
12:20-1:05 – Computer Programming I – Computer Programming II
7th period –
8th period – 
2:29-3:15Animation I

Virtual Office Hours via Google Meet LINK – begin at 3:20 Each School Day (barring absences)
The link may or may not work if you do not have a Holliday ISD email...I am in the process of testing it if it doesn’t work, another link will be posted as soon as possible.  If you would like a virtual meeting with me, please email or send a Remind message to schedule an appointment so I don’t miss you.

Thank you for your patience during the time learning for all of us!

 UIL Events:

UIL Practice – 3:30–5:30 (tentatively)
Accounting – Monday
Computer Applications – Tuesday
​Film/Animation – Thursday

Business Professionals of America (BPA) Events:

See me or Mrs. Wingrove for more information and join BPA today! 

Interested in Business or Technology classes but need more information? Click the Google Slides link below.


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