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College Algebra

College Algebra is offered as a dual credit course for high school Pre-Calculus.  My role in this class is to facilitate/proctor for the Vernon College professor, Mrs. Ariel Tart.  Mrs. Tart will be teaching the class through videos that we will watch during 1st period two to three times a week.  The other days will be spent completing online homework, quizzes, and tests through Canvas.

If you do not have a Ti-83 or Ti-84 graphing calculator, I highly recommend that you purchase one or try to check one out from Mrs. Weathersbee in the Library during the first week of school.  There are apps available for both Apple and Android products.  The best app for Apple products is Taculator or Desmos.  Taculator has a free version and a pro version.  The pro version is $3.99 a month, 14.99 a year, or 29.99 for a lifetime subscription. The Desmos app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android products.  It is free and has most all of the functions that a regular graphing calculator has.

While I will not be directly responsible for teaching the lessons during the course, my main function will be to serve as an extra source of help at school.  It is imperative that you ask for help when you are struggling to understand a concept that has been taught. I am available during class time and before or after school to help when needed.

During the first week, we will discuss the course syllabus and outline and enroll in the instructor’s MyLab Math course.  Students will have to purchase the access code for MyLab Math.  You will not purchase a textbook for this class, so the access code is in place of that cost.  Information on the cost of the access code will be given out during the first week.

Classroom Chromebooks will be available for use during the class period only.  If you do not have a device, such as a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer, you will need one in order to complete the course and do work outside of class. You are welcome to bring your own device to class and do your work on it.

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