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Grading Policy

A+Grading PolicyA+

As per HHS English Departmental requirements, students will receive six weeks grades according to the following categories:


Daily Work - 40% 

(reading quizzes, weekly warm-up quizzes, group work, smaller writing assignments, smaller projects, grammar exercises, & participation)


Tests/Projects - 40% 

(six weeks vocabulary test, literature unit exams, major writing assignments, & major projects)


Vocabulary - 20% 

(weekly vocabulary quizzes)

Students will be notified under which category individual grades will fall.  

Additionally, some grades may count double or triple, and students will be likewise notified.

Extra Credit opportunities may be offered equally to all students during each six weeks.

Work must be turned in on time in order to receive full credit. Late work turned in within one class day of the due date will receive a thirty (30) point penalty. After that, the grade becomes a zero (0) unless the student has made prior arrangements with me.

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